Chandler & Price 205A Pilot Press

I have a Chandler & Price Old Style Pilot Press tabletop printing press in excellent antique condition for sale.
It has an inside chase dimension of 6.5” x 10”.
Convenient size for serious hobbyists and home letterpress studios. Press weighs approximately 160 pounds - relatively portable (compared to floor model presses).
Impression lever, ink plate, and bed move freely. It has been kept oiled so it moves smoothly. It has some superficial rust and dust. You can see it moving in the movie at my website:
It comes with 3 chases, and the rest of what you see in the photos (including the stand).
It includes two metal roller cores that will need new rubber. The low asking price for the press reflects this. The Briar Press says “Roller sizes for a more commonplace press, such as a Kelsey Excelsior or a Chandler & Price Pilot, are widely known and should be available from most roller suppliers.” “Roller prices range from $40 to $65 per.”
If history interests you, I bought it 40 years ago when they closed a Minneapolis agency that translated and published an English language version of the Russian newspaper Tass. So it was once a little front row soldier in the Cold War.
Email with any questions.
Asking $1200 plus shipping

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