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More stuff pops up almost everyday—this lot this morning sounded interesting if you wanted to get really serious about letterpress and move up from your 3x5 Kelsey:

Paragon Graphic Machinery, Inc.

Hi , I have this Great Export Package available now ! 1986 Polar 92 EMC—-
Polar 90EL——(2) Heidelberg Cyl Die Cutters —Models KS and KSBA—-(2) Heid 10 X 15 Windmills—-$17,500 Takes All NOW ! More Photos available upon request
Thanks very Much, Glenn

From the photos, it appears both cylinders are still equipped with inking systems. These presses are being advertised as an export package which is the way most equipment dealers dump equipment they can’t sell in the domestic market. Container loads of presses, especially small format offset machines regularly get shipped to places like India.

The contact information is Paragon, Pearl River, NY, phone 845-735-7201. I have nothing to do with this offering.

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I’m going to need a bigger barn….

And not to leave our letterpress friends in Europe wanting for equipment, here’s a Heidelberg SBG with inkers (21 3/4” x 31 1/4”) listed as a diecutter, but the photo shows the inking apparatus intact, but no price:


This is a big press, but leaving that little table top press behind with the move up to something that can really print could really change one’s life, maybe marriage as well.