Challenge Paper Cutter HL model 230 manual request

Hi Everyone
I need to try and find instructions for changing the blade for my manual Challenge Paper cutter, HL style, 230 size. I am also looking for a second blade for this cutter.

I have tried the Challenge site and there is not a manual for this older model there. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Can you post a pic of your cutter

Here is my cutter!

image: IMG_2650.JPG


image: IMG_2649.JPG


image: IMG_2648.JPG


What is the serial number

You tube has an excellent short film on changing the blades. 15 minutes

Jeff nice paper cutter, got one identical to it. It’s the greatest. I sall somewhere a company that sharpens blades, also makes replacement blades, as well. Thinking of using an engine picker to lift my cutter on to a cement block base. How did you lift your cutter?