Grafo letterpress machine

Grafostroj B4 hand operated boston system letterpress machine. 2 machines for sale. Grafopress based.
Very nice machines, because small and efficient.
Printing size: B4 both machines
Base size: 70x80 cm,
A real B4 size printing machine.
Printing power: 30 000 kg
Its inking system is perfect and simply adjustable.
Printing power practically adjustable.
Machine weight: 1000 kg
It uses 380 V.
I can give a frequency changer, than it can be used with 220 V with the original engine.
The slowest speed is about 3-400 print/hour.
I can give 1 set of rollers only. For the 2nd machine I have no rollers.
I can crate it for additional cost.

Price: 1100 EUR (with frequency changer)

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image: grafostroj.jpg


image: Grafo Vagva.jpg

Grafo Vagva.jpg