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Hall Book Press

This very large, book binding press (traditionally used by case binders) is capable of dealing with large volumes of book and case binding applications (or one VERY page-voluminous book!) Hand operated by turning the “captain’s wheel” to open and close the jaws, this press is scarce to non-existent. This is a serious piece of equipment that might best be used for historical document preservation, and maybe even boutique, smaller volume publishing/binding.

Note that some of the handles on the operating wheel are broken off—this does not affect usable function but may detract a bit from the machine’s curb-appeal.

$1,750 OBO — happy to consider reasonable offers. Delivery is a possibility in CONUS, Press is currently located in Louisville, KY. Shipping estimates are $400-600 in the Midwest and to the east coast. Rates tend to go up from there but I always strive to provide the lowest cost shipping solution for my customers. Pick up in Louisville is free, or Indianapolis for slightly more (if I have to move it). :)

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