Pearl No. 3 and C&P 7x11

PEARL: Beautiful working press. Small footprint makes Pearls wonderful presses for apartment printers or anyone whose space is at a premium. (In my personal opinion, Pearl No. 3s are also the prettiest presses ever made.)

7 x 11 platen press with chase, two very good rubber rollers, heart-shaped treadle. Overall condition, given that it is 127 years old, is very good. Serial number 2885.

I had the wooden drawers made when I bought this press about nine years ago. The person I bought it from made the feed table himself. He was a knowledgeable hobby printer and told me that before he got it, the press had spent quite a few years as a display in the lobby of a quick-print shop that never used it. So we know that for at least some years of its life, this press has had light duty.

I spilled pink ink on the treadle some years ago and never got it all off. There is a smudge around one of the drawer pulls and the usual assortment of inky marks on the feed table. Other than that, I’ve kept it clean and well-oiled, and well-loved.

Moveable by two strong people, although I can’t be one of those people—you will need to bring your own helper(s). The press is at ground level — no stairs.

This press has three quirks, none of which affects the quality of its output:

A. The flywheel is supposed to be removable, but I cannot get it to come off. I’ve moved the press four times with the flywheel on. (Well…to be perfectly accurate, movers I have hired have moved it four times…not me!)

B. The tympan bale is slightly bent, so I use a flathead screwdriver to flip it up.

C. One of the grippers is slightly bent.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this press and it has always worked very well. I have felt lucky to have it.

Asking $2,200.

C&P: This press needs new rollers. I recently had a treadle made by Bindery Tools and installed it. Comes with a chase and a counter; has throw-off. I don’t have a photo handy, but…it looks about like any OS C&P. :-D

Asking $950.

So why do I have two 7x11 platen presses? I wanted a Pearl, and the man who sold me the Pearl would not let me have it unless I also bought the C&P (his wife wanted both gone). The C&P was in a storage unit for about seven years and now is in my shop.

I am moving my shop back into a much smaller space in my home, where there just isn’t room for so many presses.

Local pickup only. Thank you for looking.

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