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I’ve been doing wedding invitations, business cards, and art prints for a few years but my career leaves me no time to print. I would much prefer that this go to someone who can keep the art alive rather than lose it all to scrap metal.

I have a pickup truck and forklift at my current location, so I can assist in moving the equipment to your location within reasonable distance. I will also help you get started printing with a lesson at your location, if desired.

Asking $3,500, but will entertain all serious offers.

See Craigslist link for more photos.

- 5x7 Chas. J. Cary & Co. Baltimore Jobber No. 4 (1902?) with 2 chases and new rollers
- 3x5 Kelsey & Co. hand press (1950s) with 2 chases and new rollers
- Modern Triumph 18-inch paper cutter
- Antique wooden type cabinet (1800s?) with Caslon Openface, Invitation Script, Melior, Engraver’s Old English, Park Avenue, Royal Script and more lead type
- Metal type cabinet and workbench with lots of lead typefaces, cuts, and wooden type
- Galley cabinet
- Lead cabinet and slugs, furniture cabinet
- Lockup materials, quoins and keys,
- Gauge pins, tympan sheets
- Homemade boxcar bases (aluminum surface with walnut back) for K95 plates
- Lollipop and roller height gauge, ink knives, straightness checker, composing stick, type high gauge, all misc. printing tools
- 5 1-pound cans of Van Son Rubber base plus (red, yellow, blue, white, black)
- Leftover French and Crane Lettra paper and samples.
- Letterpress books
- Typewash
- Hot foil stamper

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image: Kelsey 3x5

Kelsey 3x5

image: Baltimore Jobber No. 4

Baltimore Jobber No. 4

image: Triumph Paper Cutter

Triumph Paper Cutter