14 x 22” Kluge

REDUCED Asking $250 OBO - Located in College Station, Texas.

We acquired this press about 5 years ago, and since then it has unfortunately done nothing but collect dust. I do know from the previous owner that it sat inside a print studio for 40 years, so it was never outdoors to my knowledge. It is not currently operational, though I think it wouldn’t take much. Everything moves freely, but I imagine it will need new hoses, and perhaps new wiring on the motor - hard to say. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles on it (automatic feeder, inker, etc), and seems like it could be a great workhorse for a print shop. The platen size is 14 x 22”, and is probably from the 1940s. It can be restored to be used for letterpress printing, die cutting, or foil stamping (but that attachment would need to be added).

It is in a first floor garage and can be accessed with a pallet jack (rather than a fork lift) and wheeled onto a ramp of a trailer/truck without too much trouble. If you’ve got any specific questions, let me know, and I will do my best to answer. Additional photos available by request.

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