Help ID’ing these presses?

Hello, I’ve recently come to inherit these printing presses. I have no knowledge or expertise in this area and am hoping someone here can help identify what these are. I’m not sure what to do with them — are they worth saving? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Drew

image: PP1.jpg


image: PP2.jpg


image: PP3.jpg


image: PP4.jpg


image: PP5.jpg


image: PP6.jpg


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In order

8x12 c&p

Miehle vertical

Miehle vertical

Heidelberg Windmill

There are plenty of folks around here that would be interested in the first 4.

The offset press might be harder to find a home for.

Drews287, C&P in a predicament, Miehle Vertical,Red ball Heidelberg, and AB dick offset. The letterpress’ have value.
best james

Just for clarification, the C&P is missing a few parts, such as flywheel and throw-off assembly. It looks like a new series (made after 1912), so you’ll be looking for a cast iron wheel with straight spokes…