Monitor pin hole perforator

I have a Monitor treadle operated perforator for sale. It is in fair shape - it perforates very well, all the pins are there except on the far ends. The wood tables are in rough shape and need to be replaced to be replaced if you are perforating a lot. These are machines that actually cut out tiny holes, and the cinderella stamp folks love them. You need to arrange transport - my guess is it weighs 300 to 400 lbs. I bought it via briarpress, but just don’t have room anymore. $250, include thousands of tiny pin hole circles cut over the last century! Happy to email you photos - seems to be a problem when I take in portrait.

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image: Perf1.jpg


image: Perf2.jpg


image: Perf3.jpg


image: perf5.jpg


image: Perf4.jpg