Presses and equipment

Today I visited a shop in Huntington, West Virginia. The operator passed away sometime ago. The family sold the property including the equipment to an investor. He is renovating the house and needs the equipment gone so he can get the property on the market. There is a Heidelberg Windmill, a Mehle Vertical, a power paper cutter, a couple type cabinets that have had the cases all removed. There is a vertical camera, a Paper drill, a Bostich stapler,an ABDick offset press, and an old variable speed motor which had been used to power a C&P 8x12 which someone has removed several important parts. The current owner wants to get things cleared in the next couple weeks. The equipment is on the first floor of a building behind the house.

Anyone who thinks any of this is worth your effort to rescue, Call Me 304-675-3802. I can give you some more info. I have photos of the various pieces of equipment. I am just trying to help keep this stuff from the land fill.

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