Kelsey Excelsior Letterpress 9x13 Great Condition $2000

Large Kelsey Excelsior Letter Press 9x13 purchased one year ago from a letterpress expert who had recently refurbished it to pristine condition, including new rollers. We used it once for wedding invitations but are moving out of state so we have to sell it. We can include a new Boxcar Press Deep Relief Base fitted to size for using the press with photopolymer sheets and 2 lbs of black ink from Van Son Holland Inks as well as eco-friendly orange cleaning solution for removing ink from the plates and rollers. This is a heavy machine (200 lbs or so) but we can help carry it to your vehicle. If you have any questions, feel free to email. Thanks!

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image: Letterpress 3.jpg

Letterpress 3.jpg

image: Letterpress 2 back.jpg

Letterpress 2 back.jpg

image: Letterpress 1.jpg

Letterpress 1.jpg

image: Letterpess 4.jpg

Letterpess 4.jpg

image: Letterpress 5.jpg

Letterpress 5.jpg