ID help me please

Hello, it’s been a long time since I came here. The other day I bought these typographies and I did not identify them. Someone in the room that can help me. Thank you.

image: Orlas 03.jpeg

Orlas 03.jpeg

image: Orlas 04.jpeg

Orlas 04.jpeg

image: Orlas 05.jpeg

Orlas 05.jpeg

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Looks like ATF Alpha Blox or something similar.

Humberto, are you by any chance based in Italy or Spain? It looks like this could be a set from the Nebiolo foundry in Turin. You can find out a lot in the third issue of Tipoitalia, published by the Tipoteca in Cornuda (Italy).

Thank you, Thomas, I am in Argentina and here there is a lot of Italian material, so it is probably like you are decisive. And thanks to Parallel for the information.

Thanks to the feedback you gave me. Thank you very much.

image: DSC0019.JPG


You’re a lucky guy! I’ve been looking for them for years now… Happy printing with it!