Heidelberg 10x15 Platen

This press has been the workhorse of our letterpress department for over 60 years. It was manufactured in the early 1950’s and has needed repairs only once that I know of. It is one of those machines that will run forever if you treat it well and use a bit of oil regularly. It comes with two 10” x 15” chases and two working rollers. There is some wear on the rollers and on the fitting that the rollers slide into. There are also four older rollers on good cores that will go with the press. They would need to be recovered if you wanted to use them for printing. Also included is a die cutting jacket.

The motor is a 550V / 3 Phase hookup and will need an electrician for proper installation.

This press is in a location with a loading dock for a relatively easy out.

There are two problems with the press that any potential purchaser should be aware of;
a) the gear that lifts the feed table upwards misses every so often so you have to keep an eye on it otherwise it stops and starts missing sheets
b) the mechanism that allows you to run register jobs on the guides is bent and will need repair if you need that function (I never fixed it because it ran really close register without the guides).

Asking $800.00 cash. If you have any questions, feel free to contact George at 905-624-8906.

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