Whelan XPress Etching Press

I bought this press when I was doing large hand-printed woodblocks. Now that I’m an established letterpress printer, I don’t use the etching press any more.

This press is different than other etching presses - the rollers move instead of the bed so it doesn’t require extra floor space for a moving bed. It also has wheels on one end so it can be moved by one person. Put it right up against the wall to save even more space.

Whelan XPress Etching Press
- 23” x 48” Gridded Bed
- Brand New Rubber Blanket
- Felt Blanket
- Tool Tray
- Original Manual

- Lots of Van Son oil-based ink
- Free 4” Brayer
- Small Ink Slab

Asking: $3000, local pick-up. If you pay the travel costs, I can deliver it within an hour or two of Santa Fe.

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image: IMG_2261.png