10x15 Chandler and Price Foil Unit

I need to make room in my basement for my sister and brother in law and have to sell my foil/die cut press. I purchased her in November from A Fine Press down in Florida. She is in working order but I have not used her as I was starting to ramp up my business when our circumstances changed. She is run by a VFD controlled variable speed motor- 110v and heating element is 220v. 6x9 bubter post heat base with gold boss controller, single draw, full width adjustable foil pull. As I mentioned, she is in my basement. Basement is walk out level with French doors. Vehicles are able to drive around back to the doors. Pick up is preferred and advised. We had her picked up and delivered and it cost more than she did. We have a pallet jack that can be used to move her from where we have her. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something so please do not hesitate to ask. Pictures are borrowed from A Fine Press as my basement has horrible lighting. Feel free to email and/or call for information. I am looking for $2300.00 and am happy to accept cash or credit card/PayPal.

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