Nyloprint CW50x70

This is a long shot, but the circuit board for the exposure unit of my 1990 BASF Nyloprint recently died. Would love to buy just the board, but would also buy a non-working CW 50x70 for parts, or a working CW 50x70. I’ve seen a few models for sale in Europe, but would like to avoid the complicated shipping/import tangles.

Also feel free to contact me with any suggestions. We’ve already contacted Flint Group (who makes the modern models) about retrofitting our machine to accept a newer board, and we sent our dead board to experts hoping it could be repaired. Was told I’m out of luck by both, so here I am.

We also tried swapping the boards from the heat tray and washout units, which sort of works but isn’t a long term solution. Any and all help is appreciated!



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