Printing Arts Fair at the Museum of Printing

Join us for our Printing Arts Fair on Saturday, September 22nd!

Printing Demonstrations: Stone Lithography, Hot Metal Casting and Letterpress.

Vendors Selling: Letterpress Supplies, Art, Cards, Equipment, Tools, Books (+the Museum Gift Shop!)

Visitors Can: Print a Letterpress Keepsake, Tour the Museum and Libraries, Talk to OLD Printers.

And for the Youngsters: Print in the Alphabet Factory, Type on a Manual Typewriter, a History Mystery Treasure Hunt, and How to Make a Printer’s Hat.

Festivities: WIN A RAFFLE FOR A 3X5 KELSEY PRINTING PRESS KIT, Take your picture with a Rare Rouse Press or an Equally Rare Apple Lisa Computer.

A great day for the kids and families! Come one, come all! Held in conjunction with Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live! Did we mention it’s FREE?!

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