Helmut the press

Hi, I’m from Larva Press.

We recently acquired a Minerva press from an old printer that used to print facture bilss, forms and similar.

The press was in poor condition and had no name :(

After a long process of deep cleaning Helmut was restored, all this time we suspect that the press had hand-made parts, like its bottom part, the hands that hold the table, the back of the press that holds the ink disk; for instance the part that grab the chase was made out of a hammer head modified.
We also knew that other parts were missing, like the feeding ink device that is placed on top of the plate …

After months of different experiments and tests to calibrate the platen, we haven’t been able to get a perfect impression because of an uneven pressure.

We believe it could be for the following reasons:
1. The platen may be uneven
2. The platene is stuck in braking mode and since it doesn’t have a save sheet piece, we do not know how to unlock it.

How can we recognize in which way the platen is and how could we manipulate it to release it?

And, any of you have any ideas of wich model could it be?

image: H1.JPG


image: H2.JPG


image: H3.JPG


image: H4.JPG


image: H5.JPG


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