Shop Closing -Swoop on Long Island - Loads of Gems

G.T. Graphics is downsizing - everything in shop must go-
Greg wants these items to find good homes - all reasonable offers accepted!

Borders-Full drawer
Hi speed quoins, challenge quoins, Rouse lockups, qu oin handles
9- Hamilton Type Cabinet Slant Top
10- Makeup table from ATF
11-12- Garcher Type High Gauge from ATF
13- Rouse Vertical Miterer
New ATF Hand Type
17-19- Seneca Falls Lathe- 3Ph
20-21- Ludlow Cabinets- All filled with fonts
22- Boxes of new Verner Press Parts
23- Vandercook Rollers- All different sizes
24- Vandercook Rollers & Assorted rollers for numerous presses
25-27- Linotype/ Intertype parts
28-29- Heidelberg 10X15 Spare Parts
30- C&P Trucks Adjustable
31- Vandercook Parts
32-33- Ludlow Fonts
34-36- Sorts Cabinets-Filled with pii Mats for various fonts
37-38- Material Cabinets-1pt,assorted
39-40- Linotype/Intertype Fonts-Some foreign Fonts
41- Type Cabinet-Filled with matrices
42- Reglet Cabinets- Have two more that are filled. Missed to photograph
43-44- Reglets- All uncut. Another box located
45- C&P Single Inkers. Attaches to Press to Ink Separate Color
47- Linotype/Intertype Split Magazines
48- Table for small C&P Press
49- Rubber Stamp Press & Cabinet- Includes material for making stamps
50- Old Style C&P Motorized press for parts
51- Box of C&P Parts including platen arms, etc.
52-53- Gordon Press, Heidelberg 10X15
54- Fairbanks Morse Platform Scale 150lb- 1930’s-works great
55- Assorted Numbering Machines- Fwd & Rev
56- Assorted Additional Hand Type
57- Assorted Ludlow Parts
58- Assorted Linotype/Intertype Parts
59- Hammond Glider Saw- Model G Cast Iron Base-w/wheeled Bu cket
60- Pallet Jack to move Square Base Intertype Machines. Came from Furman St Brooklyn Plant
61- Line Gauges- New from Gaebel
62- Linotype/Intertype 90 Channel Magazines
63-64- Vandercook Tympan & Packing. All Original
65-66- Peerless Gem 28” Paper Hand Cutter
67- TableTop Press Cabinet
68- Miehle Vertical V50 Makeup Table w/ Packing
69- 2 Type Cabinets-Full Size
71- Ludlow Model M Serial #17360 built 1967
72- Galley Cabinet- 9X13 100 Galleys
78-79- R Hoe Press 23X30 Iron Hand Press #6414-No Frisket-Complete-Dismantled
81- Assorted Items- Linotype Practice Keyboard, Foreign Keyboard that sits atop Std Keyboard
82- Handtype Transfer Drawer. To change drawers.

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