Table Top letterpress. 6.5”x10”

Pilot, Table top Press
Manufactured by the Craftsmen Machinery Company.
Pulldown arm has the shovel handle for ease of operation.
6.5”x10” chase size.
Great restored condition, new rollers/trucks, ready to print.
No welds or breaks.
Local pickup preferred but willing to ship or deliver.
$2,000.00. pictures upon request.

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image: pilot 2 .jpg

pilot 2 .jpg

image: pilot 8 .jpg

pilot 8 .jpg

image: pilot 4 .jpg

pilot 4 .jpg

image: pilot 6 .jpg

pilot 6 .jpg

image: Pilot 1 .jpg

Pilot 1 .jpg

image: pilot 3 .jpg

pilot 3 .jpg

image: pilot 5 .jpg

pilot 5 .jpg

image: pilot 7 .jpg

pilot 7 .jpg