Monotype/Mouldtype Cabinet on B.P. ?

*Monotype* - *Mouldtype* cabinet on Briar Press, sale or trade.!!

MONOTYPE? - maybe.
MOULDTYPE? - maybe.

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You are right Mick, Mouldtype may have been the seller, maybe even with their label on, but steel equipment was not actually made by them. Stephenson Blake, Joyce and Co, or as you say Cornerstone (Hawthorn Baker at Dunstable) would be my expectation. In passing, I heard that the contents of the Mouldtype Company works at Preston was bought lock stock and barrel by a Japanese museum, (boo shame) and it filled umpteen shipping containers. The price shown seems just a trifle warm, but have you seen the prices for typecases on e-bay lately!

Harrild, ? Thanks for Your corroboration.
Occasionally I enter a post (as above) so that the New generation of L/press devotees can work out the origins and differences between artefacts, print related etc.

*** As far as can be ascertained *Monotype* only produced one full size free standing cabinet, specifically for the storage of Monotype Moulds, Matrix cases, Wedges & outside sorts.***

Was in the works in Salfords Redhill, 2 different occasions, (1) with the Printing dept of the Art school in Brighton, (2) as a Guest of L.G. Wearn, (Les, to many Monotype users)
Les was the Monotype Inspector, who,s job was to Inspect Monotype installations and give the management an unbiased resume of the state of the entire Monotype Plant, inc. Casters, Keyboards, 5 Cu. Ft., Compressors, & Monotype *Boston* Stitchers.

As apprentices we looked forward to Les,s visits, because as a by product, whilst He was inspecting The Plant we picked His brains, there was non better.

Re Hawthorn Baker at Dunstable, was fortunate late 60,s to be sent to H.B.s for a short course to learn the rudiments of a Moulding Press, which was installed in the Monotype dept of Strange the Printer in Eastbourne, Sx., first one in town, possibly.
Which produced (from phrenolithic flongs) plastic plates, inc., half tones and vulcanized rubber plates, although intended for House use, were eventually used as Wrap Around, on continuous stationery machines.!!

***Side issue for the *Jolly Jape & Prankster brigade* The PRESS, involved, Top and Bottom Heated Platens, exerting many tons pressure.

For the production of whatever plates were required, conventional formes were laid down with Type, existing Half tones, etc., etc., locked up in the conventional manner with Bearer,s surrounding to .918 and then the Top Platen brought down to working pressure, (against the time clock specified) then in the case of image areas that carried large areas of white (as in adverts) the white areas were effectively made ready,?? on the surface to view, stuck down FACE down and then Back-planed, so that when on the Press(s) the Minders/later Managers, did not have to spend waste time trimming out the *rising* sections.

Prankster issue:- as the press was on stand-by during working hours, instead of heating the obligatory pastie on the melting pot of the Monotpye encased in foil of course, the Moulding press was a brilliant preheat oven, until one of the Comedians saw fit to bring the top platen down until the Pastie/Pie was 24 Pt. thick and 2 - 3, hundred Ems wide, B******s.
Of course always a substitute available, but as the canteen and the microwave were the other end of the factory, !! one of the casters always managed to have a splash.

Harrild. Ta. Mick. 1/11/`18.