Miehle Grippers

Does anyone know where I can find rear grippers for a Miehle Vertical?

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Jack Beall
Vertical Service
2085 Orchard Lane
Carpentersville, Il 60110
Ph: 847-426-7958

Ski, ! Can-not work out where You are situate.
SKI. might imply European country,? if so the following may be of interest we have a V.M. waiting to be dismantled. U.K. South East.
Virtually every part, will-can be offered, (except the powerful Single Phase Motor) !
Even if You are Stateside and ALL ELSE fails, shipping the gripper bar assembly, without the 2 Carrier Arms would, we calculate, Not be massive with one proviso, i.e. that The U.S. Customs do not get touchy etc. we have tangled before.
Not quite relevant but we have had, altercations with Canadian Customs re importing lead based products into (as Stomping Tom Connors would say) CA-NA-DA.

Jack Beall does not have any.

Skigeezer, The Crawford Co. in Los Angeles might be able to help you out. best james


Finally remembered the password! Will send out soon as check arrives.


Grippers were shipped this afternoon under your number. They shipped UPS Ground.

Good luck,