Foil stamping machine (8x10) - Metallic Elephant

I have a foil stamping machine from Metallic Elephant in the UK available for sale. It’s a great, manual machine and includes an 8x10 chase with metal block that you can bond your plates to. I’ve had for 1 year - very well maintained, I have not had the opportunity to use it too much. I’m open to shipping if you arrange for pick up from your shipper.

Check out the machine here:

I paid $4500 CDN + astronomical shipping from the UK :)

Selling for $4000 (includes lots of extras!)

Chase + 8x10 metal block
Metal furniture for setting type
Pencil jig for stamping pencils/pens
die bonding tape
Instruction manual
120 V

Any questions, let me know!

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image: Rev1-3.jpg