kelsey roller falls off

I know my kelsey 4x6 isn’t the most spectacular piece of machinery in the world, and I’ve just started using it regularly. The springs on the roller hooks are really loose and the printing action is very jammy.

Yesterday on maybe my 4th print job I started to have a problem with one of the rollers popping out of the hook and flying off. Ideally I’d like new roller hooks but was wondering if anyone can advise me about replacing/rigging up my own springs & any other thoughts/tips (besides get a new press…)…

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I think you can just replace the springs. You should call Fritz at NA Graphics. They are really helpful. He’ll know just what you need. Good luck!

We have a similar problem, with our Kelsey 6x10, which has a “saddle” rather than hooks for holding the rollers. One arm slowly veers wide - after a few impressions, the trucks are out of line and eventually the rollers will fall off.

Manually adjusting the saddle and rollers every few impressions works but is obviously cumbersome. It also “works” to wrap a rubber band around both arms - this keeps the veering arm in - but of course, the rubber band breaks after about 7 impressions, and this only works in theory, when there isn’t type in the chase, because the rubber band would get in the way of the type.

Does anyone have any good ideas about how to tighten an arm, or improve the rubber band methodology so that the arms could be pulled together?

Sorry to not add anything but more problems to the thread…