Feed table for 8x12” Chandler & Price $25 + shipping

Decades ago a shop I worked for junked some parts presses to make space and I saved this feed table for an 8x12” Chandler & Price letterpress. The table has been covered in felt with something underneath (piece of offset blanket??) to deaden vibrations - a good idea as you know if you ever had a pile of nice stock fall off the table and get ruined. Felt is dingy and has a piece of tape, probably over a hole. Could be easily and inexpensively replaced. Mounting bracket on bottom looks like it originally was V-shaped. The single remaining mount is plenty strong for anything you are going to put on it though. See photo., Mounting post is 3/4” across or just a tiny bit over. Table has extra screw holes, see photo. Rare part! Definitely vintage, I’ve had it 35+ years…. USA only, please. $25 plus actual shipping, payment by Paypal frie3nd or postal money order.

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