Chandler & Price

Chandler & Price old style press - fully rebuilt.
Serial # C1837

This press is in great working condition and I have been using to print for a number of years now, most recently on a book. The press has not been used for deep impression or scoring work, but not to say it couldn’t be. The rollers are in great condition, even though there are only two of three, this has yet to be an issue. Two chases included.

Original trucks with new rubber and the adjustment wrench are included, as well as a set of custom 3D printed ones that work like a charm. There is only one gripper arm that is in rough shape, but to be honest I have never even needed to use it. Original feedboards refinished.

The press was motorized when I got it, at the expense of a second fly wheel. I have converted it back to manual power and fitted it out with a newly cast treadle from Hern Iron Works.

My whole family is sad to see this press go, but we are making more space. We are located on Vancouver Island and the buyer would be in charge of shipping. The press is easily accessible and could be put on a pallet if required. Local delivery on Vancouver Island or the lower mainland could be discussed. The press comes apart into three main pieces and could be housed in an apartment (with an elevator). It was in my second floor apartment at one time.

Asking $1600 USD or $2100 Canadian. There would be an option to include other materials such as type or coins, and some basic instruction.

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