Monotype Diecase

First picture of possibly the only 10Pt. Times die case, NICKLE PLATED ** in existence.
Better shot to follow after further teaching ??
**Nickle plated, to increase the life, which was very long anyway.!
Unfortunately too late because Litho sold us all down the river.
Rescued from Monotype Redhill U.K.
10Pt Times 327-334, S5, 9 3/4 Wedge. 7 alphabets, Roman/Bold/Italic & Small caps, 2 sets of figures.

image: 100_0989.JPG

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So sad. It looks like it has been in the river.

It’s probably not in terrible shape, photographs (especially flash photographs) tend exaggerate rust.

Foothill Press, Mike, Yes sadly left on a bench/worktop in the Garage with at (that time) corrugated steel sheet roof, with just the one little hole.!

If you can call up on the web,
The Counterpress `Type foundry sort of` re pilcrows,
that`s what the individual mats should look like, in ex Monotype form, not Nickle Plated.

They (as a whole) are in soak in white spirit, right now, will be re-layed into a good frame and will be in use S.A.P.

The (Monotype) Type Museum in London, are still able to Strike/Cut every composition size (5 - 14 Pt.) mat that they have the Blueprints for, as far as can be ascertained.

Apparently they, The type Museum, still retain the Blueprints, Drawings & Punches for Display mats for
18 - 72Pt. but unfortunately when the works in Redhill U.K. were closed, the massive Press Brake,s were scrapped.


Keelan, Yes just finding out that flash photography has a bit of a learning curve, obviously I (author) have to pay more attention to my Buddy, He is/was the photographer.

Mike & Keelan. Thank You both. >Mick<