Line-O-Scribe pressure rollers & tune up

Hi all,

I bought a Line-O-Scribe 1422 self inking model. After setting it up and attempting a short run of a very simple posters using lead type, I’m realizing it needs some work.

First, the pressure roller is all chewed up and needs to be re-covered. Does anyone know who might be the right person/company do this? This roller has a pressure adjustment dial, and so I’m not sure how hard it would be to send off for repair.

Second, the inking rollers seem ok, only if I put sheets of printer paper underneath the type. I’m wondering how much the paint matters on the press bed. The paint is worn off the bed on mine. Could this be contributing to the under-inking?

I notice that two of the distributing rollers are scored, and the lines show up in the inking. I was thinking of using rubbing compound and fine grit (2000) sandpaper to try and get the cuts out of the roller. I worry about making it uneven in the process, Has anyone ever removed scoring marks from metal rollers, and what are the most successful methods?

Lastly, It there any way to control for the shifting of the paper, while using the rudimentary registration system on these presses? I found that I had to use a lot of pressure, and a sheet of paper in between the roller and the paper I’m printing on, and I’m still not getting even impression or a clean print.

I’m including a few photos of the pressure roller, form rollers and the press in general.

Thanks so much!

image: 20190219_225020.jpg


image: pressure roller.jpg

pressure roller.jpg

image: pressure roller gouges.jpg

pressure roller gouges.jpg

image: form & distributing roller.jpg

form & distributing roller.jpg

image: pressure dial.jpg

pressure dial.jpg

image: IMG_20190122_232054_073.jpg


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An offset press blanket will help. The blanket has a cloth back and at least one rubber ply, and will usually eliminate the problems caused by the damaged impression roller. Ink the type, place the paper in the grippers and carefully lay the rubber blanket over the paper. Then pull the impression roller one way, remove the blanket and remove your print. If you pull the impression roller both ways, your paper will shift and smear the image.

I think the ink carriage is adjustable. Next time I’m at my shop I’ll have a look.

As for the scored rollers, I’ll have to see the picture before I can comment. Remove the “&” from the file name and post it again.


I’m looking into ordering a Printing Blanket from Printing Supplies Direct. Though I think they’ll have to custom cut one, as this is not a common press.

Do you have a Line-O-Sribe in your shop? Have you ever had the impression roller re-covered?

Posting images of scored metal distributing roller.

Thanks again!

image: form and distributing roller.jpg

form and distributing roller.jpg

image: distributing roller.jpg

distributing roller.jpg

My Line- O-Scribe is the same model. Going to my shop today. I’ll send you a blanket. Sending you an email for your shipping address.