8x12 A. Olmesdahl New Champion press

Time to part with my 8x12 A. Olmesdahl New Champion press. I consider myself a hobbyist when it comes to letterpress and purchased this last year in hopes of printing larger pieces. My wife and I welcomed our second daughter last year and I just don’t have the time or space at the moment.

The press is easy to treadle and has a throw-off switch which is a nice option to have. The feed board isn’t shown in this image but I do have more photos available. The press also has rollers (needs replacing) and a 6x9 Boxcar base. There were also a couple extra chases.

Looking to sale everything for $1600/OBO. I’m in Dallas and will only be available for local pickup only.

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image: IMG_4973.jpg


image: IMG_4974.jpg