Unknown 10x15 treadle clamshell press

Another mystery 10x15 treadle clamshell press that I’d be incredibly grateful if anyone could help identify! (I’m stumped!)

It looks very similar to an Arab but doesn’t have the Arab logo on the back, it doesn’t have any serial numbers and the only text on it is on the small wheel which says ‘THE EAGLE’ in capitals.

Has anyone got any ideas? Google search isn’t returning anything. Thanks!

image: IMG_3215.JPG


image: IMG_3216.JPG


image: IMG_3217.JPG


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Few possible extra clues to look for that may help identify ?
Often hard to see ! possibly serial number stamped into the top left corner of the *Bed* often obscured by the chase.

Makers Logo etc., cast into the rear of the Main gear wheel.

Little indistinct, is it carrying the contra rotating (split) Ink Disc or even 3 contra rotating (small) discs within the main disc.! Both the above can give pointers to factory of origin.

Pointers/clues, on the spokes of the Fixed & Free pulleys.

Original suppliers Logo, on a Plaque, - Low down flywheel side, fitted at time of supply, occasionally with 4 tiny (archimedes) style >Tap In< pins = the first thing to be covered and hidden, with oil etc., dripping down the Mainframe.

Casting marks/identification on the underside of the Ink Disc(s) via mirror.

Very obscure clue, that can help, the number of teeth on the main Gear Wheel, V The number of teeth on the pinion that drives it, usually seen in the order of many teeth on the Big gear and very few on the pinion, usually with an odd number on the pinion gear, to progressively advance the meshing of the teeth. possible clue(s) for those with relevant details to hand.

Apologies for the above rubbish, but may prompt the real deal. Good luck.

Better photographs would be useful!

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Apologies for the terrible photos — the press is currently in a tiny cellar with no natural light so taking decent photos is pretty hard. Currently dismantling it, so hopefully i’ll be able to provide better photos soon!

Thanks a lot for those points, Mick. I’ll take a closer look for those things and get back to you ASAP. I definitely know it’s got a contra-rotating ink disc- it’s got a smaller disc in the middle which goes the opposite way to the larger disc.