Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 w/factory foil $5,000 OBO

Up for sale is our 1969 Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill, w/ factory foil attachment.

We have owned this press for about 4 years, and it has been our primary press for all of our production needs . We ran wedding work, stationery jobs, business cards, and all manner of custom work on this press.

We have downsized our operation and changed our creative setup, and this reliable, versatile press needs a new home soon!

This is the perfect press for all your production needs, including printing, scoring, die-cutting, numbering, and foil stamping.

Here are the details on the press:

Model: Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press, Redball, 10” x 15”
Serial #: T 171 569 F
Weight: approx 3500 lb
Platen size: 10 x 15
Power: 220, single phase. Comes with plug in 220 socket and a very long cord (30 foot +). Has wall mounted on/off switch at press.
Features: Lockout rollers (allows instant change to scoring, diecutting, blind impression, foil, etc) no roller removal needed
*Features: Factory foil stamping unit. Includes entire roll up assembly and heat control currently attached to press. also includes honeycomb base and plug ins.

Extras: this press comes with

- 2 chases
- accessory wrenches for adjusting rollers and lay gauges
- 1 Magnetic bunting base suitable for Polymer plate use
- extra roller trucks
- extra shear collar bolts
- users manual
- parts manual
*Foil stamping honeycomb base and plug ins

*Foil unit came with the press but I have never used it. Previous owner never used it. As far as know everything works and is included and present, and more or less ready to go, but I can make no promise on the foil unit based on personal experience. Heat unit will need to be wired separately to the wall.

Minor details: this press may need new form rollers sooner than later. The ones on the press that we have been using the print with good results, but it may be time to replace soon.
Also, this press needs a bearing clamp, which is handy for either clamping or removing the bearings on the rollers, in the event of a full roller change.

We’re asking $5,000 OBO, however we are totally open to any and all offers! It does need a new home soon, so if this is the right press for you we can be quite flexible on payment arrangements, etc. We could possibly be even open to a trade option (thinking old school 4x4 truck, used sprinter van, etc). Let us know what you have to offer, don’t be shy!

The press is currently being stored in Petaluma, CA. The pictures shown are when it was in our shop before we downsized. It is not currently hooked up to power.

Buyers are responsible for moving costs and arrangements, however we are happy to recommend excellent local movers that we have used previously.

**We also have a nice little 18 inch paper cutter, electric with a hydraulic power blade. Works great! Asking $800 for the cutter but could be bundled in to a deal if you should want both items.

We are happy to answer any questions about the press and give advice or details on running and using the Heidelberg Windmill. We would love to find this press a good home where it can be appreciated for decades to come.

Thank you.

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