Redington counter C&P; feed table for 8x12 C&P

Redington counting machine (counter) for Chandler & Price hand-fed letterpress with original mount. Should work on a Kluge too. Missing the spring that goes on from the lever to the counter, but that should just be a matter of going to the hardware store and getting one of the correct length. Missing the nameplate. Black counter with dark grey mount. Unit had been in a spare parts box for decades; I oiled some of the moving parts with household oil and sprayed the insides with WD-40 after photos were taken. It is turning over freely now. Will wipe any excess oil out before shipping.
Easy one-bolt mounting with no drilling. I can help with placement of the counter on your press, you adjust the placement so that the lever is moved when press is on impression but not tripped when it is off impresssion. $40 plus postage.
Feed table for 8x12 C&P, needs recover with felt, Mounting bracket on bottom looks like it originally was V-shaped. The single remaining mount is plenty strong for anything you are going to put on it though. See photo., Mounting post is 3/4” across or just a tiny bit over. $15 plus postage or UPS. Payment by Paypal works best, postal MO is okay too. USA only please.Thanks!

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