Another C&P ID Question

I’ve looked at the lists of SN out there, but can’t find any with this prefix. Have two C&Ps, looks like both are 10 x 15 Old Styles.

One is #3936 - from 1893.

The other looks like TM111. Not a great pic, kinda dark. Any ideas?


image: CnP_TM111.jpg


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Here’s a couple more pics. Looks like the serial number was hand punched with a chisel or something. Only straight lines.

The 3936 has a solid rail and on the back plate it says “The Chandler & Price Co. - Cleveland, Ohio. U.S.A.”

On the TM111 the rail is not solid and the back reads “Chandler & Price - Cleveland, Ohio.” Also, the drive shaft is curved for treadle.

Any insight would be great.

image: CnPTM111SN.JPG


image: CnP3936Rail.JPG


image: CnPTM111Rail.JPG


On my C&P serial number 1931 made in 1890, the curved ink disk rotating cam is absent. The roller on the ink disk rotating lever just rolls on the flat surface that the rail is attached to in your photo CnPTM111Rail.JPG.

My guess is that TMIII is a prototype incorporating a revised ink disk rotating mechanism. Possibly it is Test Model 3 with the 3 in Roman numerals.

On my press, the motion of the ink disk rotating lever is slow enough that the disk often rotates backwards when the ink rollers are moving back up after impression. The modification might have been made to solve that problem.

Thanks for your comments. I can see that the ink disk rotating part on this press was originally set up to run on the flat surface and the cam was added later. It’s worn and smooth under the arch.

Here’s another pic with some differences between the two. We always ran the motor / belt on the main wheel.