Colt’s Armory oscillating roller—machining new for 14x22

Hello! I’ve been on a wild goose chase for a steel oscillating roller for my 14x22 Colt’s Armory Press, and have finally met with a skilled machinist who is willing to take on the project of fabricating a new one from an original that I have on loan.

Anyone else out there need one and want to jump in on the order? I’m putting the call out because it’ll cost much less per piece if we order a few (I was quoted $300 in materials, more for time, yet to be seen how much and how it breaks down), and because in my search high and low for this missing part over the last three years, I’ve learned it’s quite commonly missing with these presses which of course are rare.

The steel roller in question sits on the back of the ink train, on top of the two rubber distributor rollers. My Colt’s is 14x22 Style 6 Half Super Royal. I think this part would fit also the Thomson Laureate and Gally Universal of the same size. Happy to provide any specs, talk shop, answer questions, etc! Please do let me know and pass on to any other Colt’s owners you know.

If you’re serious about ordering one of these with me, deadline to get in on it is Monday 5/6/19. I’m gauging interest now, will have final cost estimate next week. Please email me at [email protected].

Thanks and all best with your printing!

Myrna Keliher
Expedition Press

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