Late 1800’s Fuchs Lang Special Edition Litho/Etching Press

Classic, fully operational museum quality… broken or missing pieces.
Style: triple medium and 3/4 geared
Bed Size: 44”X 67”
Max. Stone Size: 42”X 62”
Etching Block: 2.5”X 42”X 58”… replaces the width of the stone, to facilitate printing of etched tin, copper, etc. sheets

Included in price:
Storage removal of disassembled press, for FOB pickup Mogollon, NM…(may req.3-4 week lead time)
2- Litho Stones: 16”x 12”x 2-3/4”; 14”x 10”x 2-3/4”
Tympan Frame assembly for etchings
8” dia. Levigator (needs re-facing)
Press Blankets
2-Scrapper Bars
Exploded 3-D view assembly drawings

Note: The aprox: 900 lb. webbed steel etching block is not illustrated in the Fuchs & Lang advertisement… i.e. a Fuchs and Lang option offered to eliminate logistics in handling large fragile stones for circus and theater posters.
Note: Current storage confinement prohibits photos of the press frame, crown block, roll, gears, bed, and etching block.

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image: LithoFLadv.jpg


image: LithoPressExp.jpg


image: Lithostone.jpg