www.wayzgoose.info is now live!

www.wayzgoose.info is now live!

Please do have a look and, if you’re running a wayzgoose, workshop, open studio or conference, please do submit it -the site’s only going to be useful if information’s submitted.

If you find it useful, donations towards upkeep and additional features are greatly appreciated.


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Are US events to be included in this?
Would you consider adding a category like Printer’s Fair? Some of our events don’t really fit the existing categories, but are still of interest to the same people.

Absolutely there should be US events, and Canadian, European, Australian, anywhere. People do go on holiday, after all :) On the main calendar you can filter by country and by event type; it’s just that no-one’s added anything from outside the UK yet.

Also happy to add different sorts of events; I didn’t add ‘fair’ initially as I’d thought that it would probably end up being used interchangeably with ‘wayzgoose’, given the current usage. I’ll put in in now.