Meaning of single phase 220volts???

I’ve heard that motors on Heidelberg presses require a different plug than the standard consumer outlet. I use a standard home electric socket for my Vandercook but is there a different plug used for a single phase 220volt? Thanks in advance!

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I’m not an electrical expert, and get a little confused over things like “single phase,” but I can tell you that house current is 110 volts (actually 120 or so). If you require 220 volts it would require a specially wired receptacle/outlet—and yes, the plug configuration is different, but that isn’t all there is to it. You’d have to consult an electrician on this.

220 volt is indeed a different hookup than what you will typically have around your house. We run Heidelbergs at work, and they were all hard wired by an electrician to the power in our biulding.
Things like a phase converter can help transfer the type of power that you currently have running, but you will still likely need an electrician to sort this out for you.
good luck

220V single phase is the same power used for an electric stove, or electric dryer. I run my Heidelberg on (which has a SINGLE phase motor) a 20 amp circuit. Normal power today is a little higher around 230 - 240 volts. If you wish to use a cord connection as I do you need to get a 250 volt 20 amp plug and socket, yes they are different than a 250 volt 15 amp plug and different from 120 volt 20 amp plug and a 120 volt 15 amp plug, this is done so you cannot plug 120 volt plug into a 250 volt socket. To answer your question about 250 volt that is the rating you will find stamped on the connectors. I would suggest if you are uncomfortable with electricity get a licensed electrician. The reason I put SINGLE phase in caps is that some units have 3 phase motors and if yours has a 3 phase motor you can look into a converter to single phase or purchase a single phase motor with the same horsepower.