Brower No. 0 Ball Bearing Cylinder Proof Press package

The A.T.H. Brower No. 0 proof press was a forerunner to the Poco of the same model name. It’s distinguishing feature is that it runs on two tracks of ball bearings instead of bearing wheels, as the Poco later did. It is a geared machine that is hand-cranked and the cylinder can be packed to simplify make-ready in the bed. It is intended to be used with galleys but a thin rubber off-set blanket may be added to compensate for the galley height adjustment. The cylinder and geared design of this press add up to what is essentially a bargain Vandercook.

These presses have been extremely popular with fine art and book printers for their ease of use and superior registration from the cylinder operation and articulating bed. Provided on it’s original stand/cabinet, this is a neat and capable machine with beautiful lines and a neat piece of history. I am offering this press as a package with my complete proof press starter’s kit which can be seen here:

A video of the press in operation can be seen here:

Crating and shipping are possible but the further away you are, the costlier it gets. We can look at options but a hard quote is difficult. A door to door shipper may do this for $300-$500 as an estimate. Your best option is to pick up in Indianapolis where we will help you load it into your vehicle or onto a trailer.

Price: $2,795

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