Wazgoose swap meet

First time swap meet vendor. what kind of stuff sells at these meets. I’m thinking about bringing table top presses, gluers, and foil stampers. Do these type of things sell?

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I assume you are referring to the upcoming APA Wayzgoose in Nashville June 20-23. Venders sell old and new type, cuts, old and new books, ink, posters & cards, tools and equipment, and, yes, small presses and machinery. How much can you get on a 6-foot table? Does the machinery sell? I suppose some of it sells. It depends on what people are in the market for and what they are willing to pay. If you are a dealer in equipment, it gets your name out there. Have some business cards printed. But, really, the best part of it for most people is looking and gawking and talking with fellow printers. And buying something special to take back home.

People will buy anything related to letterpress. My dad always set up a sales table, brought along anything light enough to carry in his van, including assorted composing sticks, numbering machines, copies of his letterpress printed miniature books. Just about everything I have in my print shop came from a swap meet. I was delighted to find small commercial cuts in boxwood at the last Wayzgoose I attended. I also bought used and new fonts of type, sometimes tied up and wrapped, other times, in a type case. I was always looking for new cuts and dingbats, bought used and new ink. Printers will buy anything—even used ink, if it has a small useful life left in it! I bought spacing material in different point sizes, wood furniture, quoins, you name it! If you can get it to the meet, someone will likely buy it. I guess the biggest piece of equipment I bought at a swap meet was a Rosback perforator, but the seller and I had arranged that in advance. I came ready to haul it home, and bolted it to the floor of the trailer I brought with me, so there was no chance of it moving on the way home.

—Rachel Scott
Austin, Texas