Intern sought, paid position in Chicago

Seeking qualified applicants for one paid internship with cool new letterpress initiative in Chicago. Three month term, with flexibility for availability, because such short notice! Begins in July and runs through September of this year, with possible future employment. Housing available.

• Can lift 50 lbs
• Know your way around a California job case
• Know the meaning of points, picas, and the number .918
• Know how to mix, manage, and clean up ink
• Know the difference between clean and dirty zones
• Have excellent spelling and reading skills
• Enjoy monotonous analog hand labor
• Good at solving craft problems
• Have experience working in print or printmaking shops
• Can work independently as well as cooperatively
• Be tidy, organized, and detail oriented
• Be ready to learn and take direction

• Assist in setting up a working print shop
• Manage incoming material and outgoing waste
• Assist in all aspects of printing, including the following activities:
* Trimming and cropping paper
* Handling and mixing printing inks
* Operating the manual press
* Distributing type
* Handling finished prints
* Running research errands and proofing copy
* Proofing and cataloging samples of the type collection

• Book binding knowledge not necessary but a plus
• There will be opportunity to work on your own projects

Qualified and interested but you’ve already got summer plans? Call or email me anyway—we can work something out!

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