Flight Borders

I’m seeking information that I hope someone can provide. I recently came upon a small font of Flight borders and have been unable to find out much about them. I know they were designed by Phillip Gilmour, produced by Monotype (I believe in Britain), and at least a page mention was made of them in the Monotype Recorder sometime in the 1960s. Even the person who cast them doesn’t know more. Can you help or point me in the right direction?

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They were featured on two pages of The Monotype Newsletter (not Recorder, though they might have appeared there, too). No. 74, November 1964: 11-12. It identifies them as having been designed by Philip Gillmor (1 ‘l’ in Philip, 2 in Gillmor, and no ‘u’) and as having then been cut in 12pt and 12pt Didot. No further background info, but they are shown in various combinations. Here are links to temporary locations of lowish-res scans of these two pages:



David M.