Vandercook Roller Series & Galley cabinet

For Sale: Vandercook Roller Series & Galley Cabinet:
Super rare vintage letterpress complete with original full inking system and shelves, rare to find this complete. Vandercook Roller Series letterpress gravity cylinder Push/Roller model with inking carriage, press is ready to print.

It’s a cylinder press without gripper system – registration can be made on the bed or cylinder as I have done. This press is extremely versatile due to its simplicity and heft. It’s not seeing much use by me as I work on other presses and I need the space.

Method of Operation:
The press has two ink plates, one at each end of the press. The press inks both ways of its travel and prints both ways, every motion counting. In the beginning of the operation the inking roller carriage is at one end of the press and the cylinder at the other. Put the galley on the press. One swift motion inks the form-the rollers coming to rest on the other ink plate under the cylinder. Lay the sheet to be printed and roll with the handle on the cylinder.

Vandercook Roller Series - comes with: Small roll of tympan, has been fitted with new rollers, new rubber blanket. Spare rollers in original box (rollers not useable but cores are there).Two Lyme Bay Press Chase Base 13×9 Deep Relief for 152 polymer printing plates. Galley Cabinet with plenty of trays.

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