Vandercook No.4 (disassembled, in need of work)

For sale:
Vandercook No.4 (disassembled)

We are selling a Vandercook No 4 on behalf of the family of the late Basil Head.

The machine for sale was one of the last to be worked on by Basil, proof press engineer, and is currently disassembled, as per photos. It is believed that all of the parts are present, but without Basil around there’s no way of checking this. It seems to be in alright condition: the bed is free of pitting and damage, the cylinder seems in good nick. Basil had take off most of the parts, presumably to clean up and re-spray.

Delivery can be arranged at cost to buyer, but it might be better for the buyer to collect.

The family don’t have a fixed price in mind, therefore, the price is open to sensible offers. Please get in touch by email (not telephone) to [email protected].


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