72PT Stephenson Blake(?) Typeface

A couple years ago I stumbled upon someone selling this typeface individually. I thought it was a shame that they would be separated, so I bought them all for the sum of about 20 bucks.

Tragically, he sold the L, P, and Q letters (or never had them - he was unsure), and a couple of them are slightly to moderately damaged.

I am primarily wondering two things:
Firstly, what font is this? I didn’t see anything similar to it when browsing Stephenson Blake fonts (which I believe the SB Co stands for) and online font identifiers seem to be useless for this kind of thing.
And secondly, is this worth anything? I’m not necessarily looking to sell it, it would just be nice to know I wasn’t a complete fool with my money.

Thank you for your time.
- Michael R.

image: A, B, C and H, I, and J.

A, B, C and H, I, and J.

image: 72pt with SB Co

72pt with SB Co

image: All of them at once.

All of them at once.

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This looks like the type I got with a Howard foil stamper. They call it 72pt Elegant.

Bell Type & Rule Company still sells the Elegant metal type.