C&P 8x12 press rehab

Purchased this 8x12 C&P along with a 10x15 C&P and a No 0 Vandercook proofing press from a guy who dug them out along with another 8 large presses from an old print shop that closed more than 50 yrs ago. The roof had collapsed partially and we have some work to bring these back to use.

The 8x12 c&p is in good shape, though the flywheel had been taken off and now the pinion gear is missing. Wondering if anyone can direct me to a potential source for a pinion gear.

The other two presses look like they’re whole except for needing some cleanup.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have a pinion gear from a New Series C & P. You don’t mention whether your press is a new or old series. I assume the gear will fit a Old Series as well but have never tested that assumption. Yours for $100 plus shipping.