Adana press and photopolymer plates

Just recently purchased an Adana Press (8x5) and was wondering if anyone knew whether I could print using plates off of this press? And if so what I would need to do so?


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Hi Raquel,
I have an adana 8x5 and use photopolymer plates on it. I use a Patmag magnetic base and get steel backed plates made.

hope this helps

Hi Raquel,
A Mag base is fine, but where would I find one these days to fit an Adana 8 x 5.?

I always mount my ‘nylons’ (=photopolymer) with double sided adhesive tape to wooden bases,
usually plywood, cut nicely square and upright on a saw bench. I got a lot done at one go.
These are below type height and need underpacking with card until it reaches typeheight, .918 inch. (diameter of an old shilling) I do a very great deal of this work and can assure you that its fine. BUT there are definite limits on the impression power of an Adana and your arm, (!)
something like six inches by four,in size or even five by three and a fairly light design would be about the maximum, anything pretty solid then well less. Theres two problems in fact, one is the
amount of pounds per square inch vs. the square inches of the block \(and the roughness of your paper) and then theres the very limited inking power of the two rollers.

This latter can be greatly helped with a home made “rider roller”, mine is bodged from a roller
from a scrapped copying machine, cut to length and with very rough attachments to the roller
arms. But it works, and the rolling is much improved. I dont use it with type only jobs.

Beware of picture frame shaped designs, the rolling problem they have has to be coped with by
using a special ‘twist-it’ trick.

I strongly recomment the use of roller bearer rules if you can find room, even one side alone helps.

We have a smaller Adana model (HS 2) and use a deep-relief Boxcar base with KF 152 plastic-backed polymer plates. They can cut the bases to size and are very helpful with any questions you might have.

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