1975 Heidelberg Windmill Red Ball

Selling a 10 x 15 Heidelberg red ball windmill (T platen) with lockouts. The press was manufactured in 1975 (Serial number T 189 689).

Plenty of upgrades including new die cutting jacket, new rollers, new gripper assemblies and lots of miscellaneous extra parts.

The 2hp Baldor motor is 3-phase but I added a VFD so that I could run off 240 V single phase at the house.

Here’s a link to a video shot today of the press running:


Asking $2750 for the press. We’re about 20 miles east of SF in Walnut Creek.


If this post looks familiar—it is. I had a buyer lined up and even moved the press onto a pallet for them the day before they were supposed to pick it up. Then they got cold feet. Good news is that the press can get picked up today but it’s no longer hardwired to power. But the video was shot two weeks ago.

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image: windmill1.png


image: windmill2.png


image: windmillbaldormotor.png


image: windmillVFD.png


image: windmillserialnumber.png