325G Vandercook proof press

I have had an old 325G hand powered Vandercook proof in my studio for years now and have never used it because I was never certain how it worked and there was no one around at the time who knew how to operate it… was not interested in letterpress at the time but liked the press and had hoped of converting it for my use. Never happened. Basicly, I was looking for a scrap iron place to take the old girl away when I realized that I wasn’t certain if it was iron or something else. just on a lark typed in Vandercook 325G and got this site. Did not know that people still use this type of press. Also,found out that it is missing the top feeder trays so that was why I couldn’t figure out how paper and type got together!!! I believe everything else is there. I hope someone near Amherst, Ma., USA can use it. Anyone out there interested in buying and taking it away?

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Sounds like you have yourself a gem! If I was not in Missouri I would already be knocking at your door!!

Post an ad for it in the classifieds! It will be gone in no time!

I’d say, pretty lucky for everyone that you looked it up before sending it to scrap. You should have a taker in no time, and you can probably get a good chunk of change for it.
To see the heart of Vandercook culture, take a peek at: www.vandercookpress.info
Vandercooks are highly desirable these days, came in dozens of models over the years that Vandercook manufactured them, and are considered the finest proof presses ever made. Not to mention that some estimates suggest fewer than 1,000 left in existence. Presses like yours are slowly bringing that number up.
Good luck with passing it on, and thanks for giving it another chance at life.

very interested …

far from amherst but am there often & have a friend who could help me pick it up …

do you have any pics of it, and of course …

what’s your asking price?


Is this item still available? I see it has been a year since the original post. Please let me know and if so what are you asking for it?

Has the wee press gone to a new home? Looks like a lot of attention has be raised by your post; if not, I’d be there in a heartbeat since I’m not too far down the road.