Your beat up, unwanted, random Hamilton type cases.

If anyone replied to this I just realized my email address on my account was old, I guess I haven’t been active on here for a while, its fixed now.

I’m looking for some unwanted Hamilton type cases in the Cleveland, northern Ohio area. Specifically I’m looking for the pulls with the Hamilton name cast/stamped on them, any style, for a cabinet restoration project. Do you have a pile of empty dirty broken cases you’d like to get out of your space or a printing friend that does? A cabinet that movers dropped and smashed (I’ve seen it)? That is what I’m looking for.

I picked up a couple of the reproductions from the Hamilton Type Museum which are quite nice for $5/each but that style doesn’t match the hole pattern on my project cabinet and I’m trying to avoid drilling the drawers but will if that turns out to be more cost effective.

At the moment I’m not looking for type or a full cabinet but if your motivated to find a new home for it send me a message.

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